As some of you may remember, the Annapolis Leather Barn was formerly named Annapolis Leather & Lace, opening in 2003 at its first location at 4730 Highway #1, Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia by Christine and Michael McCorriston.

Christine and Michael relocate Annapolis Leather & Lace in 2004, by moving the business to a barn that was sitting on their family property. The next year in 2005 the Barn was renovated into the structure that you see today.

In 2008 a second store, the Sussex Leather Barn, opened in Sussex, New Brunswick. This store was closed in August 2011 and the building has been sold.

In the Fall of 2011, Michael and Christine made the decision to sell the Annapolis Leather Barn business. As you would agree this would be a huge decision to make, considering the Leather Barn has been in business for over eight years and has become a popular destination point for all riders. It was time for Michael and Christine to be free to follow the roads into their future.

After working for the McCorriston's for the 2011 Riding Season, I knew I was in love with the business. Having the opportunity to continue the business as my own was the easiest decision ever!!

I have spent years working in various positions, always helping people. Riders are happy people and I now I get to share their happiness by listening to their riding experiences and helping to fit them for the perfect motorcycle wear and gear. My goal is to provide quality customer service, motorcycle wear, gear and accessories at an affordable investment for all Cruising Bikers.

Riding is a much loved hobby by a lot of people from many different backgrounds. I happen to be one of those “people” and her name is Lil Betty (250 Honda Rebel) and I love to ride!!

The Barn provides Motorcycle Gear and Accessories for Bike Riders of all types. So plan your RoadTrip today to The Annapolis Leather Barn, Where the Destination is as much Fun as the Journey!!

Civic: 9527 Hwy #8 Lequille, Nova Scotia
Mailing: PO Box 309, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, B0S 1A0
Phone/Fax: 1-902-532-2900

15% HST charge will be added to all orders at checkout.
Thank you for visiting the Annapolis Leather Barn!!!